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Everything Reading O.G. Interactive Notebook- A Year Long Resource

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Understanding, teaching, and assessing the 5 Components of Reading is imperative. And, not just in the primary years! This notebook has CHANGED. MY. LIFE. Before, I would teach a concept, my students would fill out a worksheet, we would recycle or send home said worksheet, and then we’d move on. Two months later, when I noticed a student was struggling with a concept, we would have nothing to reference and go back to.

Once we started building the Everything Reading Notebook, I started going back. We would review concepts that weren’t solid. We had something to reference, practice, and add on to. It changed my communication with parents. I could show them how we were building on to concepts previously taught. They could see the patterns, read the descriptions, and follow along with their student’s learning. It changed everything. The 5 components of reading listed below are each a tab of the notebook. 

We've included the Avery Tabs template!

Use this notebook as a reference. Additional practice, games, and repetition are often where the “ahh-ha!” moment takes place. Check out our Intermediate Spelling Patterns Year-Long Bundle! It correlates with the patterns seen here.


Phonological Awareness- the ability to hear, recognize, and manipulate the sounds of a language

Phonics- matching the individual sounds of a language (phonemes) to written symbols (letters)

Fluency- the ability to read accurately and with expression while gaining meaning from the text

Vocabulary- the words of a language that convey meaning. Vocabulary is essential for comprehension

Comprehension- the ability to gain meaning and understanding from what is being read

Bonus: Spelling Patterns are also included! These are rules/patterns that you cannot “hear,” but must know in order to spell correctly.

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