What is the Reading Rev Phonics and Spelling Program?

Save Thousands of Hours of Planning and Many Headaches!

We've done the work and research for you!

We created a systematic, science-based phonics and spelling program inspired by Orton Gillingham methodology.

  • Everything Reading Notebook

    This is a notebook that has all five components of literacy, and also an additional spelling tab.

    At the beginning of the week, new earning is captured here and the students take notes on the new concept.

    Maybe it's phonics maybe it's comprehension.

  • Year-long Spelling Packets

    Students need a lot of practice with these concepts and so we've created a spelling pattern sequence system.

    These are 36 weeks of phonetic and spelling patterns, and the students can get a packet that has lots of Orton Gillingham inspired activities.

  • Decodable Passages - correspond with Spelling Packets

    We know it's so important to continually connect phonetic patterns to both encoding or spelling and decoding.

    These passages are a perfect place for kids to see a phonetic pattern in play. They're age-appropriate, written especially for older kids, and we've included a teacher page that gives you the irregular words, the high interest words, and the previously taught patterns.

  • Teacher Talks

    This is the ultimate teacher manual, and what we wish that we would have had when we started out on our structured literacy journey.

    We know that not all teachers feel confident teaching the phonetic patterns that many of us didn't learn as kids.

    So, we have created the Teacher Talk to help you feel confident in teaching these phonetic patterns.