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Explicit Teaching (E.T.) Cards - Primary and Vowel Teams

Reading Rev

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Use these anchor cards to systematically teach letters and sounds! Both basic and vowel teams are included in this bundle!

 *This product is now included in the R.R. Complete Program!

The key word and picture helps anchor an abstract concept (sound/symbol correspondence) to a physical thing. Your students can thing use this when decoding and spelling. It has changed everything for our students!

Explicitly teach new letters and sounds each week. As you progress, constantly review previously taught concepts!

These cards follow our Reading Rev Phonics Sequence. FREE sequence included!

Use these cards in several ways. As you introduce a new concept, use them to anchor a sound to a letter and key picture. Then, use the cards as a review deck. Going through the cards 2-3 times per week solidifies student learning. This can be done electronically and remotely!

Please note - this is a digital product you will download after purchase and nothing will be shipped. This purchase is for personal use only and to be used by one classroom only.