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Reading Rev's Original 36 Decodable Passages

Reading Rev

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Teaching phonics in isolation is not effective. Skill-based passages connect encoding and decoding (spelling and reading). Students will be able to see the phonetic patterns they are learning in high interest, authentic texts. By incorporating fluency, vocabulary, and comprehension skills into these weekly passages, teachers can meet multiple objectives and standards at once.


The problem we constantly ran in to is the decodables are often babyish and primary. These passages were written just for BIG kids. 3rd-5th graders find these fiction and non-fiction stories engaging and don't feel embarrassed reading them. The main objective of these passages is to provide a bridge between your phonics lesson and real reading!

Better yet, we offer two different levels for each passage! So, you can reach all readers in your class. L1 (level 1) is more decodable. A teacher's guide is provided to help you know what Red Words (irregular words) and site words (high frequency words that are most likely known) are in the passage. L2 reinforces the pattern, but is written for students who do not need a lower-level text. The teacher's guide also offers an extension or additional way to bring the passage to life! 

Please remember, "decodability" depends on what you have explicitly taught your students. These passages focus on the following phonics and spelling patterns using multisyllabic words. They are not designed for emergent readers learning these patterns in single-syllable words. You can get a FREE sample inside the Closed Syllable weekly unit here!

 This is the original 36 passages that cover 36 phonetic patterns. It corresponds to the Reading Rev's Intermediate Spelling Sequence. You can check it out here.

These passages are included in the complete Reading Rev's Phonics, Spelling, & Morphology Program.